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Adopt A Family

Adopt a Fairmount Pines or Buchanan family to help make Christmas extra special!


Adopt a Family is a ministry to help families who need assistance for the holiday season. These families either have a student at Buchanan Elementary or live in Fairmount Pines Housing (where the majority of the children from these families attend, have attended or will attend Buchanan Elementary). 

It is up to each sponsor how much to spend on each family member. Some sponsors in the past have purchased one small item from each category; others like to purchase one gift and one outfit/personal item per family member. It is completely your choice. There is not a certain amount required, but we suggest you use your best judgement based on the family size.  In this season when we want to be generous, please be cautious of purchasing extravagant gifts.  

Fill out the short form below to tell us you're interested. Pastor Helen will reach out and let you know about the family you'll be paired with.

Each family will have an information sheet about their household including sizes and wishlist items.

Items need to be ready for delivery on or before Monday, December 14th and should be delivered in a large box, bag or basket so that gifts can be kept together for each family. The family information you receive will also indicate whether gifts should be delivered wrapped or unwrapped. When you're ready to drop off gifts, please contact Pastor Helen.