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Follow along with our Advent Cheer Bags!

Virtual Cheer Bags!

This year, we're trying to keep the Phlook from stealing our Hope, Joy, Peace and Love as we navigate the Christmas season.

Follow along with our virtual Cheer Bags!

Supplies You'll Need:

Here are supplies to gather to participate with us! So, dig through some drawers, rummage through the pantry or swing by the dollar store for the following items:

  • Coloring supplies (crayons, markers, colored pencils, whatever you prefer)
  • Index cards (to make your own conversation cards -- we have a list of questions to discuss in our downloadable files)
  • Candy Canes
  • Cardstock/Craft paper
  • Favorite Christmas Movie
  • Paper to print out some of the downloadable activities
  • Baking supplies (from a recipe of your choice--or one of the recipes included in the downloads)
  • Popcorn
  • Hot Cocoa
  • Cake Mix
  • Candles (any you can find are fine, tapers, tea lights, votives, that perfumey one from Bath & Body Works that was re-gifted to you last year)

Daily Activities:

Sunday, November 29

  • First Sunday in Advent
  • Color the Hope coloring page (in downloadable files)

Monday, November 30

  • While we’ve learned that the Phlook’s heart is 2,020 sizes too small, one way that you can warm up your heart is by reflecting on the good of this past year.
  • Take time to write a family Christmas letter. Let everyone contribute. 
  • Share the letter by social media, email or snail mail.

Tuesday, December 1

  • Color-Your-Own Advent Wreath (in downloadable files)

Wednesday, December 2

  • Make your own conversation cards (look at the conversation cards in the downloadable files & make your own on index cards)

Thursday, December 3

  • Jesus & Candy Canes activity. (in downloadable files)

Friday, December 4

  • The Phlook can’t steal your Christmas Hope. Spend time together making homemade Christmas Cards using craft paper or cardstock. Feel free to use whatever supplies you have on hand to make them as fun and festive as you’d like. Look for the Facebook Post on the church page asking for you to share your photos!

Saturday, December 5

  • It’s a Christmas Movie night. Play your favorite holiday movie and enjoy some together time…from Home Alone to Polar Express to The Star there are some great options out there! (We will even include Die Hard for those of you that insist it’s a Christmas movie!)

Sunday, December 6

  • Second Sunday in Advent! Grab your crayons and color the Joy coloring page! (in downloadable files)

Monday, December 7

  • Download the Cut & Color Christmas ornaments. Color them, decorate them, cut them out & hang them on your tree. Be as creative as you’d like.

Tuesday, December 8

  • Cinnamon, Ginger, and sprinkles are all tell-tale signs of Christmas baking! Look for recipe cards (in downloadable files) for some favorites from your Christ Church staff and pastors. Get baking or share baking stories!

Wednesday, December 9

  • Grab your deck of conversation cards & follow the instructions included in the deck!

Thursday, December 10

  • Head on over to our Playlist Page to find our recommended Christmas Songs list...What songs should be added to the list? Watch for the post on the Church Facebook to tell us! Turn up the music really loud and dance like nobody is watching!

Friday, December 11

  • Grab the prayer cards (in downloadable files) and make note of who you're praying for during this season. Hang the prayer cards around your home to remind you to pray. Send a note to those you are praying for during this time.

Saturday, December 12

  • We know the Phlook hates that the Cheers enjoy their fellowship and eating together. Don’t let 2020 steal your joy (or your meals). Make a batch of your favorite soup or chili, but double it to make enough to share with someone you know who might need a little extra love!

Sunday, December 13

  • It’s the Third Sunday in Advent, grab the Peace coloring page (in downloadable files)!

Monday, December 14

  • That darn Phlook tried again to steal what brings peace by taking your nativity. Today, get a little crazy and build a nativity out of things you find around your house. Look for a post on the Christ Church Facebook page to share a picture of what you created with us!

Tuesday, December 15

  • Make some popcorn garland while singing Christmas Carols together!

Wednesday, December 16

  • Grab your deck of conversation cards & follow the instructions included in the deck!

Thursday, December 17

  • The Phlook tries to steal and squander our Hope, Joy, Peace, and Love. But we Cheers are so generous. Take a moment to dig through your closets and grab the things you don’t use, wear or not-sure-why-you-own-its and donate them.

Friday, December 18

  • Gather everyone around the Christmas Tree and share your favorite Christmas memories. Then, have a slumber party around the tree!

Saturday, December 19

  • Get bundled up, head to the car & drive around town seeing all the Christmas Lights you can. Do a search on the internet ahead of time to locate the neighborhoods with great displays!

Sunday, December 20

  • It’s the Fourth Sunday in Advent, make a cup of hot cocoa and color the LOVE coloring page (in downloadable files)!

Monday, December 21

  • Make a creative gingerbread house. Use nontraditional ingredients, premade items, pasta, whatever you can come up with. Look for a post on the Christ Church Facebook page to share of picture of what you’ve created with us!

Tuesday, December 22

  • Bake a birthday cake for Jesus!

Wednesday, December 23

  • Grab your deck of conversation cards & follow the instructions included in the deck!

Thursday, December 24

  • It’s Christmas Eve! Grab your candles, something to light them with and join us online for a message with Pastor James and singing Silent Night by candlelight. 

Friday, December 25

  • It’s Christmas. As you get up today, take a moment and read the Christmas story from Luke 2:1-20 in the Bible.