More info on membership

More info on membership.

People view church membership in many different ways. At Christ Church we tend to say membership is a step someone can take to publicly state that they believe in the mission of this church and what God is doing here. It is a way to show commitment to being the Body of Christ through Christ Church.

Pastors James and Helen often say that we are not about making more members, we are about making more disciples of Jesus Christ. However, God does make disciples in a community like Christ Church and our method is impactful in the lives of people at Christ Church.

Anyone can participate in all aspects of Christ Church without becoming a member. You can be baptized, join a small group, or participate in any activities without becoming a member. The only exceptions to this would are that you have to be a member to serve on our Leadership Council and to vote in official church votes, which do not happen very often.

So, the choice is yours. We would love to have you as a committed member of Christ Church because it shows us that you believe in what God is doing here and you are committed to helping Christ Church be a place where anyone can experience God’s love in worship, develop relationships in small groups and revive the world through service.