Permanent Endowment Fund & Application (Closed)

Learn more about the Permanent Endowment Fund & how to apply for money from this fund.

About the Permanent Endowment Fund

The Permanent Endowment Fund was established to provide members and friends the opportunity to make charitable gifts to Christ Church that will become a permanent endowment for financial support and a living memorial. These funds are to be used for special projects supporting the church related to the areas of: worship, fellowship, local outreach, education and facilities.

In January, 2016 the Permanent Endowment Fund Committee was formed, with the purpose of determining the criteria for awards made from the Permanent Endowment Fund.

This endowment is one of two endomwents for Christ Church. The second endowment is the Endowment for Children in Poverty in Third World Countries. For more details about the Endowment for Children in Poverty in Third World Countries, please contact the church office.

Eligibility & How to Apply


Applications can be filled out either online (see below) or a paper copy may be picked up from the church office. Applications must be completed and submitted within eligible timeframes (see below).

Submit your applications electronically by submitting the form online (below), emailing a copy of your form to, or placing it in the Endowment Committee mailbox at the church office. Applications must be submitted on or before the application deadline to be considered for funding, late submissions will not be accepted.


Applications must meet the following eligibility criteria for funding consideration:

  • An applicant's past and current grants or awards funded by the Permanent Endowment Fund are up-to-date and in compliance with Christ Church requirements
  • Further the ministries of Christ Church
  • Meet at least one of the funding priorities (worship, fellowship, local outreach, education or facilities)

Application Dates, Allowable Expenses & Granting Policies:

Application Dates:

  • Application Open Date: March 1, 2021
  • Application Deadline (Close Date): Noon on July 1 2021
  • Award Notification: No later than September 1, 2021
  • Project Period: September 1, 2021 - August 31, 2022
  • Final Report Due: 30 days after project completion

Allowable Expenses:

 Funds may be used for the following types of projects expenses:

  • Projects that focus on the five priorities: worship, fellowship, local outreach, education, or facilities
  • Purposes not funded through the operating budget
  • Gifts which supplement programs and ministries

Granting Policies

Please note these non-negotiable policies before submitting a proposal:

  • Consideration will be made for one-year projects (no multi-year projects accepted)
  • Grantee will work with Business Administrator regarding expenditures and reimbursements
  • Grantee will complete project fund expenditures by the end of the project period stated above
  • Grantee will be required to submit a final report; additional updates/reports may be requested

Important Details

  • The amount of grant funds awarded each year varies
  • Whether or not an individual or project has received a grant in the past does not guarantee funding in subsequent years.
  • Funding of projects will depend on the quality of the application, quality of application pool, and funds available for distribution.

For questions regarding the Application or Permanent Endowment Fund, please email the Permanent Endowment Committee at


Currently, the Permanent Endowment Fund committee is not accepting applications. Applications will open again next Spring.