School Partnership

Adams & Truman
Elementary Schools

Christ Church has been working hard to revive the world by partnering with Davenport Community School Distric, to help the many kids who live in our community. Our school partnership allows us to pour into the lives of children and educators who need encouragement and support. During the year, you'll see opportunities to celebrate, spend time with, and serve kids and their families as we celebrate major milestones like becoming a Super Student, celebrate the annual BIG football game with students and their families, or throw a fall festival.

There are also one-on-one opportunities to impact an individual child through our mentoring programs directly.
Your service with these two schools makes a difference in the lives of children in our community.

To volunteer with projects for the Davenport Community School District, each volunteer must complete a Volunteer Screening process with the school district.

Food Pantry

For the 23'-24' school year, we have adopted 2 new schools. We have the opportunity to partner with Davenport Community School District and Riverbend Food Bank, to serve Adams and Truman Elementary Schools. It's a major opportunity to serve our community, by providing needed items to families in need.

If this hits your heart and you want to step out and help volunteer for the pantry or any upcoming events for the schools, please reach out to Pastor Helen for more information.